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3 Insider Secrets for Event Branding that Makes an Impact

When you host or plan a corporate event, you naturally want your audience and attendees to know who is behind the event and providing the entertainment. However, this doesn’t mean that your event needs to be”wallpapered” with your logo and branding.


Going overboard with branding can make your audience feel uncomfortable and as if they are being sold to instead of attending as guests.In fact, it is subtle branding that works best for corporate events. When your brand is incorporated organically into your event, your decorations, your printed materials and the entire environment  will feel subtle and not staged. If you’re not careful, your event can feel like an advertisement instead of an

Here are three ways to subtly incorporate branding without overwhelming your audience:

Stay light on logos

Logos can be used sparingly but shouldn’t be overused. You don’t want your event to look like a NASCAR vehicle. Use your logo where it needs to be – on invitations, on programs and in selected locations around the event. With a light touch for your logo, you’re likely to make a bigger impact.

Emphasize color choices or single design elements

From your invitations to your decorations, color and design can be used to tie your event together and create an appealing and consistent event experience. Choosing a color palette based on your corporate logo colors or complimentary colors can subtly imply your brand without making it overwhelming for your audience. Seek out ways to use your color palette. In addition, you can have a design element created that will help tie your event together.

Focus on creating an environment

Think of your branding as a murmur in the background of your event. It should be the common theme upon which your event is connected, but not the main focus. Your audience is there to enjoy your event and become immersed in the moment. This is where havin

g professional event entertainment can make a big difference in your experience. Working with an accomplished event planning team can help you take your event from a meeting to an experience.

These three keys will help take your event from a typical corporate gathering to an experience that your audience will keep talking about for weeks and months to come. Combining your subtle event branding with world-class corporate entertainment is a sure recipe for event success!

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