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5 Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Have an event coming up, and not sure how to add a little flair to spice things up!

Here are Five Ideas for Themes to Help Inspire You!

Adding a Touch of Old-Fashioned Glamor to a Worn Out Trend

For many companies looking for corporate event themes, the instinctive direction is to go for a sophisticated, formal function – black ties, evening dresses, minimalist decorations and menus…

– This of course, will show off the success the business has enjoyed that year or can celebrate a specific event or award in traditional style.  But there are other ways to show sophistication, without turning to the traditional stuffy parties of previous years…

You could bring in the “Mad Men” era, with a 60’s themed party where everyone dresses in clothing from the 1960’s. The music, food and decorations could all be created to match this era’s tone – from the classic’s in food to maybe even a review show planned of all the great music of the 60’s.


Masquerade balls are the perfect way to retain this sense of high society with the addition of something a little more unusual. Extravagant costumes and masks are welcomed – perhaps even with prizes for the best-dressed employee or guest – and once they have celebrated and danced under the chandeliers of the great halls with sculptures and art created with decorations, they can enjoy a feast fit for kings. To really accentuate the sense of class you can hire a string quartet to play for your guests. Or to add something a little stranger you could add strolling Human Statues to amaze and startle guests to get people mingling and talking.

What Happens in Vegas Can Stay in Vegas!

Another current favorite in event themes is the Vegas night; a classy event with gambling, (the chips being used to win prizes) cabaret entertainment and a world class Vegas style magic show. You can provide all the “ambiance” of a Las Vegas Casino, right in your home town!

Or If you want to break away from the norm and create an event for your staff that celebrates American culture in a different way, why not look at the Wild West or better yet the beaches of California.

A beach party provides staff with a function that is a more casual and relaxing way to celebrate and is by no means limited to the summer months. Although an event actually on the beach is more authentic, you can easily recreate the setting indoors during the winter nights. With some scenic backdrops, lighting, surfing related props and some Californian cuisine. You cannot beat a recreated beach by a pool, complete with sun-loungers to make the experience even more relaxing and social for employees – especially with a dress code of beachwear and Mai Tai’s for drinks!

Of course it is not all about the vibe and chilling out, there is the entertainment to consider. DJs and tribute bands for Californian acts like the Beach Boys may be the most obvious choice. Why not consider bringing in a surf-machine, which allows guests to learn to ride the waves with sometimes humorous results, or with the old west theme, a mechanical bull!

Celebrate the Year’s Successes with a Cultural Extravaganza

An end of year party is not just a great way to let your staff relax after a year of hard work; it is a chance to reward them for their effort. Honoring the businesses successes can be achieved by embracing party themes around a certain culture – perhaps you recently expanded the company into Europe or made a crucial deal with China or Japan. Creating an event around a county and its culture is one of the easiest forms to take because of the obvious choices in terms of menu, but with some imagination you can turn the event into something different from similar events.

Does your town or city have a district for this culture? A Chinese themed function in Chinatown beats trying to recreate the authenticity in the usual venues. Also, instead of simply having the cuisine on the menu, why not hire chefs to teach master classes. Sushi courses are popular these day so why not capitalize on that. From there the choices in dress code, tables decorations and entertainment or hindered only by budget and creativity. This deceivingly simple idea can produce incredible results.To really take it up a notch, you can have a traditional Chinese dragon roaming the banquet hall or event venue for attendee interaction, and cap it all off with a show from The Amazing Chinese Acrobats!


Take the Green Approach to Partying

In the current climate, it is important for corporations and businesses to show their green credentials and environmental awareness in their operations, so why not continue this with the green approach to your events theme.

This environmental theme may raise a couple of eyebrows, but it is in fact only as complicated as you want to make it – there are a number of simple measures you can take to make the party Eco-friendly and promote the message. First, instead of a standard dress code ask staff to wear green, even if it is just a green tie or jewellery. Then there is the menu and décor – where possible look for recycled materials for your tableware and centerpieces. Include plenty of free-range locally sourced and vegetarian options for dinner.

Finally, to really make it an event to remember, instead of your usual bands and comedians, why not have some “meet and greet” encounters with some professional animal handlers, or better yet hold the event in a facility within your local zoo or wildlife park for a more authentic experience!

If Green isn’t Your Color, Find One that is More Suitable!

Color coded parties are the hot new trend in celebrity parties. With white or monochrome events being highly popular over the last year, why not use this idea to add some style and personality to proceedings by creating an event based around a certain color. Using color as a basis is one of the simplest themes that you can use because it can be used in the dress-code, decorations and even the menu.

Decorating a room around a color is simple – everything from tablecloths, centerpieces, glassware and lighting can be purchased with a particular color in mind and used as subtly or garishly as you like. Choosing colors that are commonly found in the wardrobe, like reds. blues and whites can bring all members of staff together and create a particular vibe. However, more unusual colors like pink can add an extra sense of fun. Pink is also a great choice for charity parties, or you can choose a color connected to an organization your company supports to turn the event into a benefit as well as a party!

There’s So Many More to Choose From!

With some thought and creativity, you are sure to find that there are many unique and bizarre party ideas out there. Hopefully these five examples of corporate party themes have inspired you to make this year’s event special!
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