Advice on Getting Business Reviews

Reviews are the new currency for an online business. We ask Jason Boyd from Evolve Digital Agency to give us some advice on helping your business grow with positive reviews:

1. Optimise Your Content

Customer reviews can come from unsolicited third-party sites that you may have no control over. You can, however, optimise your website in a way that your customers can easily leave reviews when they visit. Make the reviewing process easy for your customers to enable them easily access and address issues and appreciations about your business. As such, you want to optimise your social profiles, emails, blog posts, and website as well. These provide quick and easy avenues for your clients to leave reviews.

2. Promote Social Media Handles

Every business needs a social media presence to stick out and remain competitive today. Social media ranks as one of the best and most influential ways of getting the word out about your business. Social media’s laid-back nature also makes it easier for your business to showcase the brand’s unique personality. Come up with a hashtag for the company’s events and invite end-users to use the hashtags online. Your customers can do the work for you by the tag a friend feature and be entered to win a prize. This is one of the best ways of creating a buzz about your brand.

3. Offer Coupons

Who does not love saving money? Well, you can also use your promotional items to incentivise your customers. Print giveaways with coupon codes that your customers can redeem online. You can as well put a time limit on your redemption period so that you create even more urgency. This ensures that even the end-users that don’t end up converting still check out your website out of curiosity. Most of your target audience will likely check your website to see what they can be saving on.

4. Create Incentives

The time your customers spend on your website is always valuable. Ensure, therefore, that you give them a reason to leave reviews whenever they visit. You can do this by offering incentives such as discounts on your promotional products or entrance into contests that offer even higher prices. There are also gift cards, online shopping, or even cold hard cash to make them more open to leaving reviews about your products and services.

5. Respond to Reviews Quickly

Not all customers will be open to leaving reviews even for your promotional products and services. However, you must respond as quickly as possible to the ones that do. Show your customers that you care and value their feedback. This should be consistent for both positive and negative reviews to engage with them more and better understand their needs.
You can also publicly ask your customers to directly contact you so that you discuss and address any problems that they may have quickly. This is the best way of showing them that you are willing to do everything possible to rectify the problem.
Promotions Warehouse responds to feedback not just to retain its customers but also to enhance a positive identity with its non-customers.

Bottom Line

Creating a useful and engaging experience with your customers helps to increase their positive sentiments toward your business. this is a crucial process, especially if you want to increase the likelihood of them leaving even more reviews. Customers appreciate businesses that value their say on the products that they use, and Promotions Warehouse does just that.