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About David Thomas

Ever since his early 20's when he starred in his own magic and illusion spectacular, David Thomas has been wowing audience's world wide as a leading corporate magician. David Thomas' many spectacular productions have been the featured entertainment for event-driven companies such as Sysco Foods, Auto Trader, Radio Shack, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser-Permanente, Toyota, Heinz, Six Flags and many others. From Las Vegas to Branson to Cairo Egypt and even broadcast media David Thomas has brought expertise and high-quality production to a variety of diverse entertainment settings. As the former Vice-President of Entertainment for Six Flags Theme Parks (10 years), David has created a myriad of shows, from high-powered song and dance, western gunfights, magic and stunt shows. Working closely with DC Comics and Time Warner Entertainment David produced several of the World famous "Batman Stunt Shows" that have thrilled audiences worldwide. David produced and developed The World of Magic at his own theater in Branson, MO where the show ran annually for several seasons. He then moved the production elements to a critically acclaimed run at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. With this increasing maturity in a variety of theatrical settings, David began to branch out into diverse production concepts, themes and venues devoted to theme park, cruise ships and Casino show rooms. David Thomas’ productions have earned him awards such as 2004 recipient of Event Solutions Magazine’s “Reader’s Choice” Entertainer of the Year, he was the Producer of a 2002 Emmy Award Winning BEST LIVE TELEVISION/SPECIAL EVENT and the 2005 Spotlight winner as Entertainment Company of the Year. David Thomas has earned the respect of his peers for his consistent quality in his performances and productions. David Thomas' productions have been seen all over the world by thousands of audiences' and now... The most popular of these variety show packages are now available as Shows In a Box Corporate Entertainment, pre-produced spectacular productions for the special event markets. Each Shows In A Box production boasts a reverence to the costuming, incredible choreography, thematic design and specialized talent. These smart pre-produced show packages are the industry leaders for self-contained productions enjoyed by event planning producers and planners everywhere. With David’s twenty-plus years of show production experience and commitment to personal and clear communication satisfaction has always been guaranteed. Whether it is his large scale illusion show, high energy song and dance production shows, breathtaking Cirque Style Productions, Stomp Style Entertainment or whimsical Chinese Acrobats spectacular shows with high-level consistency in both production quality and execution are a hallmark of every show under David Thomas’ watch.