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2014 Holiday Corporate Event Trends and Beyond

646975Every year, we see major changes in how corporations and event planners organize their holiday and special events, tending to mirror what is changing in society at large. In some cases, the changes in these trends are also technology driven. Below, we present some of the more important 2014 holiday corporate and special event trends you will see this year. We expect that some of these will take an even more prominent role in how events are organized as we move into 2015, continuing a trend of local food and local entertainment from the hosting city or company.

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Technology Trends in Corporate Event Planning for 2013 and Beyond

As noted earlier in the year with, 2013 Predictions for Corporate Event Planning  corporations continue to focus on managing overall business costs closer and closer. This means event organizers will be required to openly demonstrate the ROI, or, return on investment, for their meetings and events. Companies will most likely “go local” meaning that local foods, materials, artists, talent, and icons, will be in demand.  This is a smart move, this incorporates the companies brand organically with the event and community, and companies should leverage this on all levels of event production and planning.

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5 Fund-raising Ideas for your Charity Event

Charity Event IdeasRevenue and cash flow are critical components of any organization. But while businesses have their revenues to allocate as necessary, charitable and non-profit organizations can rely only on fundraising as the source of finances to sustain their operations. The success therefore, and even the very survival of the charity or non-profit depends on how effective it is at conducting fundraising activities.

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