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Seven Tips for Terrific Corporate Event Decorations


When you plan a corporate event, you’re really planning an experience.

Everything that goes into the event – from the invitations to the entertainment – work together to create a memory for your attendees. Nowhere is this more important than with the decorations. Corporate event decorations help create the mood and atmosphere for your event. They communicate the theme and bring the entire experience together. Without this important element, your event may fall flat.

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A Complete Guide to Using Social Media For Corporate Event Marketing

You are planning an event and the details can be overwhelming. However, the most important detail may be making sure that people actually show up! Unless you are planning a corporate event where the attendees are employees who have no choice but to attend, you have to create enough of a “buzz” for your target audience to change their normal plans to come and check out your event. Even if your attendees are “required” to attend, Social can streamline the entire communication process as well as help promote future events attendance.

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Planning Corporate Holiday Parties on a Budget

Even though your corporate spending might be low across the board, there’s no reason that you can’t plan a memorable holiday party. Pulling together an amazing corporate holiday party on a budget may seem like an oxymoron, but with an attention to detail and a few cost-cutting measures, you can turn out a party for your organization that will have people talking.

 Use these tips to define your low-cost strategy and spend where it matters:

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Out of Ideas? Popular Themes for Corporate Events


Coming up with exciting and unique concepts for a corporate event can be a challenge – especially if your organization regularly holds events. Not to worry!

There are several tried-and-true corporate event themes that are perennial favorites for groups everywhere. If you’re out of ideas for corporate event planning, use this list as a springboard for your next event:

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