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Corporate Event Invitations Information and Samples

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Invitations should reflect the standards of professionalism set forth by your company. While it is not necessary to hire a professional to create your corporate event’s invitations, it is advised that you do some research to ensure that you are sending high quality, etiquette approved invites. In performing this research you will guarantee that your invitations exude competence, savvy and class on behalf of your corporation. Below we will discuss the some of the many types of corporate events, the proper invitation etiquette for each type and provide design styles, suggestions and samples.

Using these tips, your invitations are assured to be a smashing success.

Seminars and Conferences

Invitations for seminars and conferences must convey a lot of information. For this reason, it is suggested that the design style be minimal and clean. This makes creating your seminar or conference invitation extremely easy to do using any word processing software. Choose a background or template with lines in a crisp color such as blue, red or black. You can choose to use 8 1/2 x 11 paper size or 5 x 6, depending on the amount of information you must convey.

At the top of your page add the title of your event. It is recommended using a different color font and font size to highlight your event title. To garner interest from your invitees, list the exciting features of your conference, such as guest speakers and entertainment prominently under the title. Next, you will need to insert the date, time and location of your conference. Let invitees know how they can register for the event and whether a fee will be charged for admission. Finally, include testimonials from previous event attendees or add an incentive for attending the event, like prize drawings.

Sample Seminar or Conference Corporate Event Invitation:

Learn Tips From Top Ranked Sellers

Featuring:Jim Jones, Speaker and Salesman of the Year 2011
Abby Brown, Author of “How to Sell the Most”
Entertainment by, Big Brass Band
Lunch Provided

Monday, April 9th 2012
10am – 4pm
The Conference Center
123 Main Street USA
Please, register in advance online at or over the phone at 888-ACES. Admission to the event is complements of ACE’s for all employeesUpon registration you will be entered for a chance to win tickets for two to an upcoming football game.We hope to see you there!

Fundraising Events

Another popular reason to create corporate event invitations is for fundraising events. Typically an invitation for a fundraising event will be more formal than the seminar invitation. Similar to the invitation sample above, you will include your company’s name, date, time and place of the event. You need also include the charity in whose honor the event will be held and who will receive proceeds from the event. Finally, the fundraising invitation should include specific instructions regarding dress, such as “black tie”, “formal”, or “casual”. Take a look here for examples of wording for fundraising event invitations. The style of your invitation should reflect the formality of the event. If it is a black tie affair, the invitation should be more formal. For a casual dinner, a less sophisticated design is required. Again, you can create an invitation for a fundraising event without the help of a professional planner. Browse through sample templates here. With a host of design styles, you will be able to find a style and theme that will coordinate perfectly with your event!

Customer Appreciation Events

Customer appreciation events offer a way for corporations to connect with and establish trust from their clients. These events can range from a day out at a park, a dinner, tickets to a show, and more. A corporation derives its livelihood from dedicated customers and throwing a customer appreciation event is an excellent way to offer thanks while reaffirming loyalty. Invitation designs for customer appreciation events should portray the tone of the event with your choice of colors, designs and wording. For example, a customer appreciation event at a ball game may include a picture of the ball field and read “We’re Taking You Out to the Ball Game”. Customer appreciation event invitations are an excellent way to show your customers your dedication to professionalism and creativity while expressing your corporation’s personality. Consider using professional stock photos, purchased from to create a background, or imagery for your invitation in your word processor.

Golf Outings

These outings can be directed solely to employees or to both employees and customers. An invitation for a golf outing can be much less complicated than those for the corporate fundraiser or customer appreciation events. Typically, you should include your company’s name, outing information, such as date, time, place, and pre-registration options, and cost, if any. You may choose to send invitations for golf outings in a flyer format or as a more formal folded invitation. It is recommended to use templates found in your word processor or at to guarantee that your design will suit your paper. The formality of the golf outing invitation will be based upon the type of corporation you work for. If your corporation is more relaxed, choose a more relaxed design. For a more formal workplace, the folded invitation on cardstock paper is recommended.

Award Ceremonies and Roasts

For corporations who offer incentives in the form of awards to employees, annual award ceremonies or roasts are typical. These events are usually organized around a dinner in a formal venue. Your invitations should reflect this formal ambiance. As with all of the above mentioned affairs, it is necessary to head the invitation with your company name. Following should be the date, time and location of the event. You should also consider including a list of honorees and a schedule of events. Invitees may be more excited to attend if they have a good working relationship with someone who is receiving an award. It is important also to remember to include specific RSVP instructions and attire directions.


Creating invitations does not necessarily mean hiring a professional event planner for smaller events. Exploring the many options available to you in your basic word processor and at the above mentioned websites, you will easily find an appropriate template for any type of invitation you may require. Simply remember to incorporate the tips mentioned above and your event’s invitations will shine!

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