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Corporate Event Planning Ideas: Six Entertainment Ideas You May Not Have Seen Before

The Amazing Chinese AcrobatsComedians are old hat. Live bands and DJs can fall flat. What is a corporate event planner to do? Have no fear! There are several unique, creative and fun ideas for corporate event planning that you can use to make your event outstanding this year.

Here are a few ideas to take your event to the next level with the right entertainment:

Bring a Bit of Reality Television to Your Venue

Reality TV shows like Dancing with the Stars have increased the public’s interest in dancing and performance. So why not bring a little of that magic to your corporate event? A dance revue show that includes live music, professional dancers and thrilling dance numbers will have everyone tapping their toes at your event.

Or, You can ego the traditional route and have ballroom dancers provide the entertainment, or mix things up with ballroom, jazz, gymnastics and salsa performances for a little bit of everything. You could even have a breakout session, where attendees are taught a simple routine, and for those that want to, they can perform it at one of the general sessions! No matter what type of event you’re hosting, you can bring the high class experience of dancing to your venue.

Say Hooray for Hollywood

Even if you live in the middle of the country, you can bring the magic and excitement ofhooray-for-hollywood Hollywood to your event. It can be lights, camera and action time for your event attendees. To set the stage for their custom entertainment, you can have guests enter on their very own private red carpet, complete with “paparazzi” photographers and TV “Interviewers”.

The entire session can even be presented to the audience like a Hollywood awards show. With this is all leading up to the night’s main event – the entertainment. A Hollywood tribute show can bring all of the laughs, excitement and suspense of your favorite movies to your stage. From musical numbers to widescreen movie clips, a Hollywood themed corporate event and entertainment is sure to delight.

Experience a Night at a Circus

Flump_318Singing and dancing acts are one thing – but bringing an actual circus experience to your event is something spectacular. With a Cirque style show, you can bring all of the drama and amazement of the circus to your venue. Not many corporate event planners think outside of the box and look into Cirque style shows and Circus themed events – so you can guarantee that your event will be memorable.

A Cirque style show typically features acrobatic acts, exhilarating music scores and special effects lighting. The experience will bring your attendees Vegas-style entertainment without having to travel hours away or pay Vegas-level prices.

The entire theme of the event can become “part of the act” as well, from popcorn to authentic carnival games and food carts instead of served meals, you can go all out in many out of the box ways with this theme.

Send in the Celebrities

You may have seen an Elvis impersonator or a Marilyn Monroe look alike at a corporateFlump_2174 event, but what about bringing them together with other celebrities to boot? Having an all “star” spectacular at your next corporate event can bring everyone’s favorite entertainers to the stage. From classic rock n’ roll heroes, to modern pop stars, a celebrity impersonator show can fit right in with any event theme you have planned.

Host a Christmas Spectacular

6140829_origIf you’re hosting a corporate event around the holidays, why not go all in? A Christmas program featuring Santa, elves, reindeer, Frosty the Snowman and the whole works will reach out to the young and the young at heart.

With a holiday themed corporate event, you can treat your attendees to the heart-warming carols that they love, An awards ceremony could become like a Christmas present handout hosted by Santa or a holiday feast fit for kings! Providing memories they’ll remember forever.

Mingling Entertainment

Even if you’re hosting a simple cocktail hour or reception, there’s still room for some great Audience entertainment. Try this corporate event planning tip the next time you have a small event – hire magicians, jugglers, human staues and/or sketch artists to mix and mingle with your guests and entertain small groups of people at a time. You don’t need a large stage in order to entertain, and your attendees will have a fun time interacting with the entertainers up close.

Finding something new and interesting for your next event is easy when you use these event planning tips.

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