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Different Ways to Utilize Entertainment at your Corporate Event


It is traditional that the event entertainment is reserved for the after dinner time slot at most events. Here are some “out of the box” ways to utilize talent in different ways.


1. Impress your guests as they first arrive

Your guests are arriving, why not give them a “surprise treat” as they enter the venue. Ambiance performers in the foyer could really set the tone for the great evening all are going to experience. This could be Ariel performers overhead, an “in the round satellite stage” with living statues or a contortionist. A Chinese Acrobat Lion interacting with guests or stomp style percussionists is just a few ideas.

2. Strolling Entertainment during the Mixer6744494

This is a great time to utilize “interaction talent” to act as icebreakers. Carefully chosen experienced entertainers not only entertain small groups but can really act as conversation starters amongst groups. “Wow, did you just see what that sleight of hand artist just did?” or “That living statue looked so real! “ These are some of the comments that could come from your guests, and really get crowd interactions and buzz going.

3. Start the evening with a bang

You have made the announcement for your guests to take their seats. The special evening is about to begin; The lights dim and the stage explodes with an incredible 5 – 7 minutes of high-energy entertainment. The audience erupts in applause as a VO introduces your Master of Ceremonies. It is important in any show or production that you start with an attention getting moment. If a high energy event is needed, then why not treat your event like a Broadway or Las Vegas Style show?

4. Break up the monotony of the evening

Consider utilizing talent to introduce the different food courses. If you are having awards, then the entertainment can be interspersed during the different categories. Make sure that the entertainment’s sets are short and sweet! Remember the idea is to keep the evening flowing. Remember the old saying, “leave them wanting more.”
You have given the audience a “tease” on what they are about to enjoy for the after dinner entertainment set. The audience is relaxed, and already knows the caliber of the talent, and is ready to be entertained!

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