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Energize Event Atmospheres with a Corporate Entertainer

You have spent a considerable amount of time on the basics of your event. The catering is top notch, the theming is impeccable and you have ensured that your guests will have a GREAT time.

What can you do, to take it to the next level?

Today’s savvy corporate event planners are seeking to make events memorable, exciting and interactive. Strolling entertainment is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance the atmosphere of any gathering. A corporate entertainer who is experienced in “one on one” entertainment will engage event attendees from start to finish. They can also break the ice and give people something interesting to talk about. By creating ways for guest to engage each other in an energized setting, the impact will be felt for years to come!

Some events are more suited for general entertainment such as comic characters on stilts, juggling or “Street Magic”. Other events may require entertainment specially tailored for the message, theme or goal of the event. For example, if an event has a goal of team building, then performers should be sought out who will engage the audience in such a way to bring them together, and have them think or act as a group. The goal of team building is to come up with activities that require a collective effort to accomplish.

Perhaps the event has a more sophisticated tone. If attendees are sitting at round tables before the meal, experienced strolling entertainers will keep the energy level up as they interact with the group as a whole. With the array of amazing artistry available through strolling entertainment, there are unlimited ways in which to create the right combination for any event. Whether an indoor or outdoor event, attendees will appreciate the change of pace, the surprises and excitement as the entertainers perform their craft. This will not only increase the events success, but it can increase the future growth of your “brand” and the buzz of upcoming events. Past attendees will come to your next event, as well as encourage others to attend. Nothing is more valuable than “word of mouth” – when people speak positively about experiences they had.

If you want to start an event out in a fun and welcoming way, you might consider having a “Chinese Lion” greet the guests in the valet parking area. Line the entry foyer with beautiful Chinese ladies performing the “plate spinning” act. Maybe have one of the key speakers, that everyone is excited to hear dressed in the theme of the event. As guest are arriving and waiting for the event to formally begin, this is a great way to keep them entertained and start conversations. Guest will take notice that this event is different…
Another meaningful time for strolling entertainment is during mingling times. Many people are uncomfortable during these mixers. This will help take some of the pressure off the shy ones and give everyone a topic to discuss throughout the event and beyond. Conversation is easier for everyone when they have something in common. In this way, they will have a shared experience that will make future conversations enjoyable and easy.

A corporate entertainer is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enrich and enhance an event. With a wide variety of options, there is bound to be one that will be exactly what a particular event calls for. Researching the various entertainers is as simple as a mouse click away. Most will have a website detailing their skills and types of entertainment. They will also give information on their experience, past clients and how to obtain a quote.. These corporate entertainers will bring a level of sophistication and elegantly executed entertainment to company events.

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