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Event Planning Tools For All Budgets

Corporate event planning is a complex process that requires a dedicated team and an organized leader.Staying on the same page with your team and keeping all members of your organization up to date on the event planning process used to be a major challenge. Thanks to a few key event-planning tools, it’s easier than ever to stay organized and plan a success event.

Here are some event planning tools to fit every budget:

1. An Event Planning Binder:

Having strong organizational, communication and documentation skills are essential for successful corporate event planners. Creating an event planning binder can help you create documentation and accountability every step of the way. This classic tool for event planning is inexpensive and effective.Depending on how complex your event is, you may need to spread out over several binders. You should have sections for the itinerary and agenda of the corporate event, key contacts you’ll need to rely on in the planning process (like the event location coordinator), attendee lists, communications logs, contracts, event entertainment options and budget sheets. Although many of this can be done digitally, having a physical binder to hold brochures, business cards and other related documents can be a real asset to the planning process.2.

2. Event Planning Templates:

Even if you’re an experienced event planner, you need to work with templates in order to organize the process. Event planning templates can be as simple as a list of tasks that you completed last time in order to run your event or they can be embedded into a software program that you use to create custom templates.With templates, you’ll find it easy to track your spending, create a timeline that works for your event attendees, evaluate a speaker or location and coordinate your team members. In short, using event planning templates can help you save time and stay under budget. You can find a variety of templates online or create your own based on your past event planning experience.

3. Event Planning Software:

Getting your event details organized and streamlined is easy with software support. Even if you have a binder system that you’ve relied on for years, there are many types of event planning software that has been developed to enhance and perfect the planning process. Popular options include EventPro Planner, Acteva and EventSolutions360. These full service software options are ideal for corporations and enterprise level event planners. There are also dozens of free software options if you want to save the majority of your budget for the actual event.

4. Mobile Event Planning Tools:

The mobile phone has changed the way that we live – and event planning is no different. With mobile event planning solutions you can access planning details on the go and even make your event interactive on mobile platforms. Event planning with a tool like event2mobile you can advertise your event, provide an extension of your printed event guide, coordinate exhibitors and your event team and provide a platform for interaction for attendees.

5.Collaboration Tools:

If you’re working with an event planning team, it’s important that everyone is on the same page during the planning process. If you’re not using a full suite event planning software that allows for collaboration, there are several other options that you can look to in order to get your team coordinated. Tom’s Planner is a GANTT chart collaboration tool that not only tracks tasks lists but gives you and your team a visual look at deadlines, possible conflicts and related tasks.

Also remember that Google Docs, is a good way to collaborate for free on documents and files.No matter what your event planning budget or how much experience you have with planning corporate events, these tools can help make the process easy and as stress-free as possible.

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