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Four Questions to Ask Any Corporate Entertainer

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Looking to create a memorable and exciting corporate event? Hiring a professional corporate entertainer can make your next convention, awards ceremony, meeting or product launch a truly spectacular experience.

When you are ready to bring the magic of corporate entertainment to your organization, you’ll need to know what questions to ask. Vetting an entertainer means asking the right questions so you can evaluate the entertainer’s experience, professionalism and ability to help you create a truly memorable event.

When you have your potential corporate event entertainment companies on the phone (or in email), be sure to ask the following questions:

1. What is your experience with corporate events?

When it comes to providing the right kind of entertainment for your event, you need someone with corporate event experience. There is a difference between corporate events and private events. A company with previous meeting entertainment experience will best know how to meet the unique demands of your professional event.<span

2. How many years have you worked in the corporate events industry?

There’s nothing wrong with just starting out in any particular field, but that doesn’t mea

n that you need to put your corporate event in the hands of a newcomer. Look for a corporate event entertainment provider that has at least 10 years of experience. This will narrow your pool to only the cream of the crop of entertainment and will protect you from having a bad experience.

3. Can I speak with a few of your previous clients?

Testimonials are one thing but it’s another to be able to speak with real customers who have previous experience with a company. When you hire a corporate entertainer you’re entrusting them with a large majority of the success of your event. You need to ensure that they will be able to bring exactly what they promise. Ask the corporate entertainment company for referrals and then ask those referrals about their service: How well did they integrate with the overall event? What was the planning process like? Did they offer suggestions that helped the success of the event?

4. What do your shows include and are they appropriate for a corporate audience?

Watching video clips of the entertainment that a company is offering is the best way to gauge their level of appropriateness. It’s also important to ask them outright about the nature of the show: What will the entertainment include and how will they ensure it is appropriate for a corporate audience?

Asking the right questions will help you understand your investment in corporate entertainment and make sure that your event budget is money well-spent.

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