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Fun Dessert Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate Event DessertNothing says fun at a corporate event like a great dessert!

But a lot of corporate event planners drop the ball when it comes to this important menu item. Don’t bore your audience with the same old cookies, brownies and cheesecake.

Make dessert a fun event with these ideas:


New Trends

The world’s top pastry and dessert chefs are always looking for something new – and they often have the most creative ideas! Here are four trends that you can look to for inspiration.

  • High-end themed buffets – Dessert buffets are common at corporate events, but many caterers are taking it to the next level with highly themed and customized buffets. For example, a circus-themed party could have a dessert buffet with caramel popcorn, big top sugar cookies, red velvet cake snowballs and cupcakes topped with cotton candy.
  •  Liqueur-infused treats – Another popular trend for caterers is to combiCupcakesne the dessert bar and the regular bar in creative ways. For example, liqueur-spiked cupcake tops and mini bourbon-bacon crumb cakes can add some fun to your corporate parties.
  • Revamped childhood favorites – You don’t always need a grown up twist to make dessert fun. Some caterers use childhood favorites as inspiration for elegant treats. Taking the flavors of classic candy bars and turning them into special desserts is one way to bring back childhood memories.
  • Unique flavors – Flavor palettes for desserts seem to be expanding more and more each year. Bacon-flavored frosting on cupcakes, lavender infused ice cream or avocado-chocolate mousse can surprise and delight your attendees.

Cultural Flair

Another way to wow your attendees with a dessert is to look to different cultures. If you’re hosting a themed event with a particular culture, you can look to that country’s cuisine for some authentic and sweet treats.

  • English Trifle – This dessert is a classic and is great for any elegant corporate event. It is normally made with pound cake, gelatin and fresh fruit.
  • Chocolate Pots de Crème – The French custard is a lot like chocolate pudding, but has with a fun twist. Profiteroles au chocolat are another popular French treat (the name translates to cream puffs with chocolate). Both desserts are great for Parisian-themed events or any classy event.
  • Pavlova – Named for Russian ballet dancer Anna PavFruit Dessertlova, this dessert is popular in Australia and New Zealand. It is made of baked meringue topped with fruit and is a lighter dish that can complement a summertime or outdoor corporate event.
  • Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies – Although fortune cookies aren’t technically from Asia (they are an American invention), they are the perfect match for an Asian-themed corporate party. You can serve the cookies on their own or with almond flavored ice cream.
  • Baklava and Stuffed Dates – For Middle Eastern flair, try this decadent dessert pairing. Baklava contains crispy layers of phyllo (filo) dough with a sweet paste made of nuts and stuffed dates normally contain almonds or pecans.

Traditional Favorites

There are so many family favorites that can be a great addition to your corporate event if you can dress them up. Talk to your caterer about using any of these traditional dessert foods in an elegant and exciting way:

  • Cupcakes – These perennial favorites can be made in so many different ways the combinations are literally endless. Whether you opt for traditional flavors or branch out into rose infused or butternut squash varieties, cupcakes are always a hit.
  • Fudge – This is a good chocolate alternative to brownies. You can serve a variety of styles, from classic chocolate to peanut butter to raspberry.
  • Cherry Turnovers – These can be served with ice cream or on their own. Either way, these baked goods are always delicious.
  • Parfaits – Be a hit with your attendees by serving individual parfaits. They can feature chocolate or fruit filling layered with whipped topping.Piece of apple pie with a flaky crust and vanilla ice cream
  • Banana Splits – If you’re hosting a small group at your corporate event, you can have a banana split bar where guests can dress up their own desserts.
  • Apple Pie and Ice Cream – This pairing is perfect for a summer party or patriotic themed corporate event.

Look over this mouth-watering list and choose the right dessert for your next corporate event. Your attendees will thank you!

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