Great Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Your Company

If you work in the corporate world, it pays to take some time off and just unwind. To paraphrase the good book, “Man shall not live by work alone”. In any case, all work and no play makes Jack and Jill a dull couple. It makes a lot of sense to schedule a corporate event entertainment night once or twice a year. Below are some smart ideas to make the occasion exciting.

Corporate Comedian
Now, this is expert will make all those serious-minded dudes in HR laugh until they roll on the floor. Find a professional who specializes in corporate gigs and just leave the business to him or her. A red-hot corporate comedian will focus on business related topics and poke fun at some of the facets of working life that border on the comic and ridiculous.

Live Band with Audience Dance Option
A live band with some great music makes a lot of sense. To make things more exciting, the organizers of this event should include an audience dance element into the show. This is a perfect opportunity for working stiffs to display their dancing talent (or lack of talent). You might be surprised to discover that the best dancer in the company is the intimidating Chief Accountant.

Contrary to popular belief, magicians do not perform only at birthday parties for kids. You can invite a magician to your corporate event entertainment show. Get the right expert and this professional will impress the audience with a breathtaking repertoire of tricks and illusions.

A creative caricaturist is a big hit at any event and inviting a tech-savvy expert is a smart move. Imagine caricatures of the CEO and the Financial Controller computer-designed and projected on the screen.

Break Dance and Choreography
This is a corporate even so belly dancers and strippers are out of the question but you can still invite dancers. In this case, break-dancers and excellent choreographers fit the bill. Break-dancers will entertain the classy audience with some jaw-dropping and gravity-defying moves. However, the audience should not participate in the break dancing. There is no point in having fractures and dislocations here.

Final Word
A corporate event entertainment should be loads of fun. Try out the ideas above and the occasion will be a huge success.