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How to Hire a Corporate Entertainer for Your Event in Five Easy Steps

Flump_2227editAfter all, the last thing that you want to is hire entertainment that isn’t appropriate for your audience. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the “same old thing” to entertain your audience, but it does mean that you do need to hire a team with experience and specialized knowledge.

With that in mind, here are five easy steps to finding the right corporate event entertainment team to make your meeting, product launch or conference spectacular.

Step 1: Understand your budget

Before you start your search for corporate entertainers, you need to find out what you can spend on entertainment for the event. Just like with catering, you may want to create a “per person” cost for entertainment.

Step 2: Provide as much information as possible to a potential entertainment company

A professional corporate entertainment company can help you create a custom event to meet your budget but in order to do that the team will need to know as much about your event as possible. When you contact them for a chat about their pricing and options, be prepared to give information about your event so they can present you with the best options.

Step 3: Obtain and review promotional material

Any professional corporate entertainment company will have promotional material that you can review and evaluate before you make a decision. Look over the figures and details with your decision team. Once you’ve reviewed the material, you can get back to the entertainment company with any questions.

Step 4: Request and sign an agreement

If everything looks good on paper with the corporate entertainment company, it’s time to get everything on paper. The agreement should detail exactly what your entertainer will provide and what y

ou will pay in return. If you’re working with a full-service corporate entertainment company, your contact person with that company should ensure that the entire entertainment process is taken care of – from start to finish.

Step 5: Promote your entertainment to your attendees.VIP Magic Reveal

One of the biggest reasons to hire corporate entertainers is to get your audience excited to attend. Once you’ve booked your entertainment, be sure to add it to your event marketing materials. The more your potential attendees know about your exciting entertainment offering, the better.

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