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How to Plan Your Next *Successful* Corporate Event

Creating a corporate event for investors, team members or customers can be a big undertaking – but it’s possible to put together an event that is memorable, interesting and accomplishes your event goals.  Corporate event planning all comes down to planning early, doing research and finding the right vendors. Here are five key steps for planning a super-successful corporate event:

Step One – Plan your Objective

Getting together a large group of people has to have a purpose. Companies can hold events to motivate, celebrate and rally employees, to court new business, to make an impression in their industry or a whole host of other reasons. Picking your purpose will help define your event and will inform the rest of your decisions.

Step Two – Create a Budget for Your Event

Preparing your budget will help you make the right decisions for venue, corporate event entertainment, refreshments and all of the other elements you’ll be investing in for your event. Figure out the total amount that you’ll be spending, and then divide that by your estimated number of attendees. Most corporate events have a per person budget between $45 and $450.

Step Three – Start Sourcing Locations and Vendors3017023

With your budget in mind, you can begin selecting the right location for your event and the vendors to create your event experience. Seek out quotes from different locations, caterers and other vendors so you can select the right combination of vendors. Be sure that you save enough room in your budget for the most important parts of the event. Think about what your attendees will remember most – will it be the food or will it be the entertainment?

Step Four – Create an Event Schedule to Satisfy Your Attendees1727942

A successful corporate event is all about your attendee’s enjoyment. Which elements should go into your event to keep your audience entertained and satisfied? Your event schedule should include plenty of opportunities for breaks, corporate event entertainment, time for refreshments, etc. A professional event entertainment company can help you create the right schedule for your event to keep everyone engaged.

Step Five – Increase Your Attendance By Publicizing Your Event

Once you’ve nailed down your event schedule with the help of a professional corporate event team, you need to spread the word. The more you publicize the event, the more likely you’ll maximize attendance. Let your attendees know through email marketing, paper flyers, industry wide announcements and any other means that will help you gather attention and interest. Be sure to publicize your corporate entertainment which will be sure to increase interest in your event.

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