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Lights, Camera, Action!: When Spectacular Is The Name Of The Event Entertainment Game

If there’s one trend that is going strong in event entertainment, it’s the “WOW” factor. While comedians, scavenger hunts or quizzes can be a fun way to pass a few hours, none of these options will create the type of exciting memories that will make a difference in the success level of your event. Spectacular events like live magic stage shows, musical reviews or full out acrobatic circuses will take your event to the next level of excitement.

Why should you consider going for spectacle? These days your clients, members of your industry and other attendees are busy. Time is at a minimum so if you’re asking them to come spend a day or two at your event, you better make sure it’s worth it. Your event entertainment selection can be just what your audience is looking for in order to justify taking the time to attend your event.
In addition, by having a spectacular stage show at your corporate event, you’ll be able to build buzz about your company and increase attendance for the next event. With the prevalence of social media these days, it’s easier than ever for your attendees to share pictures and raves about your entertainment. Your company name and reviews of the event will be broadcast across the social web. With the right entertainment, you can make sure those reviews are positive.

After considering these benefits, it’s clear – spectacle is the way to go with corporate event entertainment.
Here are three exciting options that you can explore for your next corporate event:

Magical stage shows:

Far beyond card tricks and sleight of hand, a magical stage show can bring Vegas style entertainment and a big “Wow!” factor to your event. With a master illusionist at your event, your audience won’t believe what they are seeing.



Musical reviews: Toe-tapping rhythms from rock and roll’s heyday, the best Broadway hits or old reliable country standbys can keep your event audience entertained. Musical review shows combine people’s favorite hits with thrilling dance numbers.



Cirque-style entertainment: Acrobatic acts can amaze and delight your audience and bring all the thrills of a circus – without the messy animals! Cirque style entertainment has been so popular worldwide that your event attendees will be thrilled to see it at your corporate function.
You can’t go wrong with emphasizing the “Wow” factor in your next event. Opt for any of these corporate entertainment options to ensure that your event is filled next year.

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