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Oklahoma Corporate Entertainer and Magician David Thomas

Professionalism and Expertise in Any Type of Event

With entertainment options ranging from small gathering table to table close up magic, to grand Las Vegas style illusions – See why Magician David Thomas is the most experienced and worry free corporate entertainer that you will ever hire for your next corporate party or special event! Lots of crisp, clean fun and never a moment that will make you, your guests (or your boss) uncomfortable.


Magical Events, Without the Headache…

Corporate event producer and Master Illusionist David Thomas can help make your next party or special event exciting, fun and memorable!Treat your guests to a show that they’ll never forget…With 20+ years in the corporate and special events industry, Magician David Thomas is an expert at weaving your business content and key message into his program.

Take a closer look at the comedy magic, close up magic, and grand illusions of Magician David Thomas for your next corporate event, special event or party!

A few Examples of What Magician David Thomas Can Provide for Your Next Corporate Party or Special Event!
Oklahoma CityCorporate Event  Entertainer David Thomas


As your guests arrive they’ll be greeted with David’s expert magic sleight-of-hand as he mingles with guests throughout the social hour. Working with small groups at a time as people are mingling, David creates memorable moments with magic that happens right in the palms of your guest’s hand!  Just the ticket to get people mixing, mingling and buzzing the moment they arrive. This terrific, magical icebreaker helps to get people laughing while helping them to get to know one another at your event. This type of magic is also great for hospitality suites and for any place where people gather informally.

Magician and Corporate Event EntertainerPlatform/Stage Shows

After dinner your guests will laugh, be amazed and say WOW time and time again during David’s 45-minute after-dinner platform show. Choose from David’s one-man comedy and magic show or super-size it with David’s “Mini Vegas Show”, featuring one of his beautiful show assistants and three incredible illusions (just like on T.V.!)

One Man Show

The show is filled with good CLEAN comedy and fun, lots of audience interaction. David’s special “feel good ending” will make everyone (including your boss) want to thank you over and over again for the terrific evening you’ve provided for them. David’s one-man show features a hilarious comedy magic routine where one of your guest’s own $20 bills is signed, is apparently burned beyond recognition, and is found completely unharmed in the most surprising of places! In another routine an audience member’s thought of playing card magically rises up from a deck of cards. Not just any deck of cards, but a deck drawn on a sketch pad! As a bonus, your guest gets to KEEP the drawing as a souvenir!

Oklahoma Party Entertainment David ThomasMini Vegas Show

David’s “Mini Vegas Show” several of your guests will participate in the most baffling cutting-a-woman-in-half illusions ever devised! In addition to this, Houdini’s famous Metamorphosis  illusion is performed. In this classic illusion, David Thomas escapes from a trunk where he is tied with rope and stuffed into a canvas bag… and then changes places with his female assistant who is standing outside the trunk in lighting-fast time!

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