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Out of Ideas? Popular Themes for Corporate Events


Coming up with exciting and unique concepts for a corporate event can be a challenge – especially if your organization regularly holds events. Not to worry!

There are several tried-and-true corporate event themes that are perennial favorites for groups everywhere. If you’re out of ideas for corporate event planning, use this list as a springboard for your next event:

1950s Rock and Roll

The Theme: Nothing gets people in a party mood like a sock-hop. With a 50s theme party, you can take your guests back in time to the early days of Rock and Roll. Start off the even with personalized Jukebox invitations and invite guests to come in their poodle skirts and motorcycle jackets.

The Venue: The venue should be decorated like an old school soda shop with records, balloon arches, jukeboxes and muscle car decorations. Colors like soft pink, turquoise and lavender with black and white were popular pairings in the 1950s. Use these colors in your linens and decorations to complete the look.

Corporate Event Ideas

The Entertainment: For entertainment, find an Elvis impersonator or host a Rock and Roll revue that focuses on 50’s tunes. Either way, be sure to leave lots of room for sock-hopping guests to dance. You can host a dance contest, let guests participate in a hula-hoop contest or let them just sit back and enjoy the entertainment.


Let’s Go to the Circus

The Theme: Parties – even corporate events – are all about having fun, and hosting a circus-style event is a great way to do just that. A Big Top or Cirque du Soleil type event can bring the magic and spectacle of the circus to your venue location.

The Invitations: The theme can start with creative invitations using a circus-style font and red and white striped card. If you’re hand-delivering invitations, you can add a fun clown nose to each invite to set the mood before the party, or attach the invitations to a box of circus animal crackers.Corporate Event Performer

The Scene: Have your guests arrive under their own big top set up just outside of the entrance. Use lots of balloons throughout the event hall, and consider having an entertainer create balloon animals for guests as they are waiting for the live entertainment to start.

The Circus Excitement: When it comes to live entertainment, this is where a circus-themed party can really make an impact. Although you won’t be able to bring in elephants and tigers to your event, you can create something just as exciting. Hiring professional acrobats for entertainment will create lasting memories for your attendees.

Sail Away on a Cruise

The Theme: Taking the entire staff on a cruise may be out of your budget, but you can bring the cruise experience to your guests with this unique theme. Turn your event hall into the entertainment lounge on a luxury cruise liner, and your guests will be talking about your event for months to come.

The Invitations: Start with invitations masquerading as boarding passes to Your Company Cruise Lines to convey the theme. Be sure to include dress code information on the passes – you can host a black tie cruise event or go more casual. Either way, let guests know well ahead of time.

The Venue: ACorporate Event table settingt the event, create a “pier” in the welcome area. Have a sign that says “Welcome to the U.S.S. Your Company Name Cruise Party” and add nautical accents like portholes, anchors and buoys wherever you can. Welcome guests and offer them tropical leis or seashell necklaces as they “come aboard.”

The Décor: Use white and blue linens on the tablets to carry on the nautical theme, and place tall white candles throughout just like they would in a cruise line dining room. You can post “portholes” around the room with ocean views for guests to enjoy.

The Entertainment: If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that the entertainment is always top notch. You can bring the same level of detail with your own live singers or musical review. This will give your attendees the complete cruise experience without the risk of seasickness!

Any of these ideas (or variations of them) would make a great theme for your next corporate event. Instead of a traditional circus, host a Chinese-themed acrobat show. Rather than focus on the 1950s, move your rock and roll party a few decades forward for a ‘80s-themed event. Or take your entire party under the sea with mermaids, shells and King Neptune himself.

When you start to brainstorm, there’s no limit to the corporate event themes!

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