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Seven Tips for Terrific Corporate Event Decorations


When you plan a corporate event, you’re really planning an experience.

Everything that goes into the event – from the invitations to the entertainment – work together to create a memory for your attendees. Nowhere is this more important than with the decorations. Corporate event decorations help create the mood and atmosphere for your event. They communicate the theme and bring the entire experience together. Without this important element, your event may fall flat.

Before you begin planning your event’s decorations, you need to do a thorough evaluation of the space. You use a number of different decorating techniques to enhance the event hall or meeting space…

Here are seven tips for creating corporate event decorations and themes that make an impact:

Decide on Your Theme Colors

Color speaks volumes at corporate events. You should have a theme picked out, along with a few key colors, long before you start decorating. This theme should be used in your event invitations to set the stage for the attendees’ experience and in all online event branding.

When you get ready to decorate the space, use these colors often, but not too frequently. You don’t want to overwhelm your attendees with your signature color. Pair it with white or another neutral in order to tie everything together and soften the impact. For example, you can use white linens and dishes, but then add your signature color in your table decorations, ceiling decorations and stage backdrop.

Start at the Front Entrance

Many event planners forget that the entrance to the hall or dining area is just as important as the interior space. The check in location or doorway should express the theme of the event. You can wow attendees with a breathtaking display around the entrance doorway or a unique sign in space. For example, a cruise themed end of year party could feature “boarding passes” and a nautical looking check in desk to prepare guests to “board the ship.” Even think about integrating and theming the nights entertainment to help greet the guests!

Create an Intimate Feel

67835538107450433_iqxqKvIv_bLarge halls and auditoriums are great for floor space, but often the ceilings are so high that the space can feel like a big cave. In order to “bring down” the ceiling, you can use decorations on the ceiling or midway up the wall. For example, you can use large inflated balloons to artificially “drop” the ceiling. Alternatively you can drop the ceiling with large stretches of fabric dropped from the ceiling to create an indoor canopy space.

Use the Walls

You can also create a closer feel with pictures or photographs in frames throughout the room. It will turn a large corporate event space into something unique and special. If you’re having a more casual or themed event, you can also use rented cut outs and themed decorations throughout the hall to create a more lighthearted feel.

Work Around Columns or Partitions

Sometimes the space you’re working with can have elements that obscure the view. Check your seating plan very carefully and try not to seat anyone behind these obstructions. If it’s not possible to avoid, consider having personal view monitors on each table to attendees can see the speakers or entertainment.

Try Different Seating Arrangements

Although round tables are typical for most events, you can think outside of the box and try something different: Custom linens and table decorations can turn long rectangular or square tables into something special and different. Or, consider having a mix of table sizes and shapes in different sections of the floor to create some interest. Long tables can feel more intimate and create opportunities for conversation. Just be sure not to place large centerpieces in the middle of the tables so attendees can see one another.

Bring the Outdoors In

Although balloons and crepe paper still dominate the list of corporate themed party ideas, working with greenery and flowers can help give your event a natural and soothing feel. Try mini-topiaries, flower arrangements or live garlands throughout your event to bring the outdoors in.

Your corporate event decorating style will depend a lot on the nature of your event and your overall budget, but with these tips you can spark some new ideas and make your next event outstanding.

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