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Spring & Summer Corporate Event Planning Ideas

Spring and Summer EventssWant to create something really unique for your corporate event attendees? Since most events are held indoors during the winter months, try something different by hosting an event in the spring or summer months. It provides a nice change of pace for your attendees – and you may be able to get some off-peak season deals from vendors and venues.

Here are a few suggestions for creating a spring or summer corporate event that will get your guests excited to attend:

1. Plan your event early and send out invites as soon as possible.

The spring and summer are prime time for vacations – so you need to get on your attendees’ calendars as soon as possible. It’s important to give as much lead time as possible for your guests, so as a general rule of thumb, you should send out invites three to six months in advance. You should also check the upcoming local events calendar. The spring and summer months are popular for outdoor festivals, concerts and other activities that may bring a lot of people to your town. Try to avoid peak weekends so your attendees won’t feel overcrowded.

2. Explore venues you wouldn’t normally think of…

Hosting an event in the summer and spring can bring you brand new opportunities for venues. You could host an outdoor wine tasting, plan a corporate casual barbecue or invite the group to explore the local botanical garden. Having your event in the spring and summer months can help you find some outside the box ideas for location, theme and and even entertainment.

3. …but keep the weather in mind when you do.

The spring and summer open up a lot of new opportunities – but that doesn’t change the fact that these can be some of the hottest days of the year. A golf corporate retreat or a trip to the local ballpark may seem like a great idea when you’re planning in February, but come August your guests may be overheated and unhappy. If you really want to host an outdoor event, pick early spring or late summer, rather than the middle of July. Be sure there are alternatives in case the weather gets too warm, and consider mixing up outdoor activities with time spent in air-conditioned convention centers.

4. Don’t forget the entertainment!

You shouldn’t plan a corporate event without entertainment in the first place, but this added touch is especially important in the spring and summer months. People want to get out of the office and do something fun. By arranging for corporate event entertainment during these months, you give them an extra reason to make time for your event.

5. Pay close attention to food and beverage choices.

Seasonal favorites are great these months out of the year – and you should make an effort to incorporate them into your corporate event planning. Whether you’re making fresh fruit and veggies part of your buffet table, or highlighting a local specialty that is only available this time of year, it’s important to incorporate the season. Think of lighter, healthier meals for your attendees that go well with the warmer temperatures – and be sure to provide lots of beverages. Even if your event is indoors instead of outdoors, it’s a smart corporate event planning move to make sure everyone is well hydrated.

6. Bring some spring and summer ambiance into your event theme.

Spring and summertime bring a lot of natural beauty with them, so it would be a shame to waste that influence. Your indoor or outdoor event can be enhanced with some spring or summer ambiance. Consider using fresh flowers as part of your decorations or overall theme. If your part of the world is well known for a spring or summer delicacy – like grapes – you can bring that into your event theme. You can also bring the spring or summer feeling indoors by hosting a beach, cruise or vacation themed event at your convention hall that makes everyone feel like they are on summer vacation.

No matter what day you hold your event during the spring or summer, these corporate event planning tips will help you embrace the season, ensure that attendees can come and make it a memorable event for everyone.

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