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Technology Trends in Corporate Event Planning for 2013 and Beyond

As noted earlier in the year with, 2013 Predictions for Corporate Event Planning  corporations continue to focus on managing overall business costs closer and closer. This means event organizers will be required to openly demonstrate the ROI, or, return on investment, for their meetings and events. Companies will most likely “go local” meaning that local foods, materials, artists, talent, and icons, will be in demand.  This is a smart move, this incorporates the companies brand organically with the event and community, and companies should leverage this on all levels of event production and planning.

Technology and Social Media are the Pioneers of 3 Massive Event Changes

Considering how social media is becoming embryonic in supporting the needs of the meeting and events industry, there are three obvious trends that have gained considerable ground in 2012 with complete expectation of additional momentum in 2013.

-Higher usage and power of social media networking more so than conventional informational database blasts: Social media is pushing quickly a change in the key source of supplier and destination data from conventional supplier implemented databases, to social-circle peer references, blogs, and experimental videos/webcasts.

-Event life expansion: The importance and connectivity of an event has gone way past the time of the actual event. Social media has made it possible to construct engaging and collaborative meetups for attendees, both pre and post event dates to handsomely increase the life and impact of the event.

-Increased “smart events”: With nearly 200-million people attending 1.8 million events costing over $200 billion in 2011, approximately 25% of corporations actually peeked at what they were spending. In 2013, more corporations will use in event technology that helps them boost effectiveness, prolong engagement, and amass commerce/e-commerce across numerous types of events either in person or virtual. Experts predict that there will be a growth in technology resolutions that ensure “smart events” from beginning to end.

Social media whether for an event or day to day business, offers corporations the liberty to engage with larger audiences. This means that they must have a working policy for utilizing social media, before, during, and after an event. Having a social media strategy to determine which social platforms to aim for and who will be observing and engaging with the target audience, will be imperative in coming years for businesses of all sizes in almost every vertical.

Event Industry Trends you should look out for in 2013 and Beyond

-Online Reviews will become an Event Industry Trend
More individuals today write reviews, share their opinion, and blog online. It’s common sense that they will be sharing stories about events and communicating their experiences. This has its positive and negatives for event planners. Guaranteeing that attendees have a great “first impression” experience during the event will be vital. If not, corporations run the danger of unflattering online reviews, influencing others not to attend future events. Of course, how you handle negative comments that arise is where you can really SOAR or sink….

-High Profile Events are Outdated in 2013
In 2012, there were several spectacular events such as the Olympics,  Presidential election, and the Diamond Jubilee. In 2013, it’s back to basics. This means that event organizers will be even more stressed-out trying to be exclusive and start a rapport with their target audience since there will be no similar high-profile national events to link to. Corporate event planners will be on their own, with the need to search for more innovative ways to start attracting potential attendees.

-Event Organizers will Connect to Attendees with Smartphones
Smartphones are progressively being used to do business and keep in contact. Professional corporate event planners believe that mobile gadgets will exceed PCs as the tool to access the Internet in 2013 and beyond. Forward-looking event planners will supply attendees with all-in-one mobile “apps” they can utilize to follow events, link with business contacts, and communicate their experiences through social networks. These apps will also allow event organizers to engage attendees prior to, during, and after the event.

-Event Planners will Decrease Expenses through Automation
Event budgets are being more scrutinized, SMM, strategic meeting management technology, such as or  can assist event planners to identify new techniques to effeciently restructure event-dominated functions through tracking and automation to ultimately decrease costs. SMM will be a primary tool in 2013 as event professionals aim for more effectiveness and effeciency.

-Paper will Surrender to Technology
Even though this has definitely been a movement at bigger events for a few years, improvements are spreading to smaller events as well due to availability of technologies at reduced costs.  iPad check-ins will replace traditional paper invitations. The developer ORM Pro has designed the “Event Check-in” app. By utilizing various iPads at one venue, event planners can communicate and distinguish who has arrived and who has not, and have access to instant event analytics.

-Event Planners will gain Increased Efficiency via Solution Consolidation
Before, most companies depended upon numerous solutions to manage individual elements of events. This frequently meant that corporate event planners were left with obtaining information from hodgepodge sources in order to view the big picture. In 2013, corporations will tone-down their tasks at hand by selecting a consolidated solution, economizing time, and releasing event planners to concentrate on creating spectacular events.


As the corporate events trade intensifies to meet increased demand in 2013, event organizers will be searching for novel means of maximizing value and decreasing costs. Utilizing technology to measure attendee requests, receive real-time information on event efficiency, and restructure planner’s tasks makes sense, as does an automated solution that incorporates the much needed information into smartphones and mobile devices for both planners and attendees.

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