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Three Ways to Evaluate a Potential Meeting Venue

Planning a corporate event? You need to make sure you have a great venue. With the right venue, you’ll increase the success level of your event and make your job as an event organizer all the easier.

The venue you select will need to be able to meet your requirements and provide everything you need to create a successful event. After making some calls around to potential locations, you’ll want to visit each and evaluate them in person. This way you can avoid any nasty surprises right before the event is scheduled to take place.

As you get your feet wet in the process, be sure to ask the corporate events venues questions like these:

1. Is the event location close to transportation and other important facilities?

If your event will be having out of town participants attending, you’ll want to make sure that your event location is close to the airport, major roadways and hotel accommodations. If you expect there will be a lot of people needing to stay in a hotel, you may want to consider having your event in a hotel or major convention center.

Make it easy for your guests by thinking about their needs before, during and after your event.

2. Does the event have facilities to host event entertainment?

Event entertainment is an important part of your corporate event. You’ll want to be sure that your venue has a PA system, lighting options and other essentials that will make meeting entertainment possible.

It’s helpful to talk with a corporate entertainment company beforehand so you know exactly what you’ll need to look for.

3. Is catering included or do they have recommended caterers?

Catering and food services need to coordinate with your meeting location in order to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Ask your potential venue how they handle catering. Do they have recommended vendors? Do they handle catering within their venue?

Circo-MagnificoIn some cases, you may be able to get a better price for hiring the venue for both the location and the catering services.

While you’ll want to have a comprehensive checklist for evaluating a location for your corporate event, these three questions are a good start. Finding the right venue is the first step to creating a successful event.

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