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Trends in Social Media and Entertainment for Corporate Events

Corporate EventsAt this time of the year, event experts whip out their notebooks and put down what they think will be trending in corporate events. Their predictions are never far off the mark, and that is saying something, at least when you consider the dizzying pace of technology. At the core of it all lays the need to make meetings and conferences more interactive and attendees. Splashing logos around a venue does not cut it anymore, so a lot is being asked of event sponsors and meetings are a lot more than just occasions where corporate heads lay down the gauntlet. The rise and proliferation of social media has aided this phenomenon in no small measure, as has the adoption of entertainment as a central part of event planning and deliberations.

Social media trends for corporate events
Social media avenues such as Twitter and Facebook will play an increasingly pivotal role in the way event planners disseminate information, interact with attendees, request feedback and ensure wholesome engagement during and after an event. However, the use of this tool goes beyond a lot more than just hash tagging on Twitter and liking on Facebook.

· The growth of sentiment analytics

There is an increasing raft of companies offering automated tools that help to gauge the feelings, emotions and attitudes of attendees. This is achieved by analyzing social media posts live during meetings and retreats.

· Evaluation of social media on continual basis over the course of an event

Technologies is allowing planners to follow conversations on social media on what attendees expect from an event, how they think the event matches up to their expectations and what their ultimate takeaways are.

· The proliferation of relocation filters

Planners and event marketers are filtering live data from events and using it as the basis for analysis of feelings and attitudes based on where attendees are located. For example, what do the guests at the left wing of the event venue think about a particular speaker? What do they think about their rooms? And what is their take on the services offered?

· The continuing rise of the selfie

Last year, at the Oscar awards, host Ellen DeGeneres took a star-studded selfie using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This image trended on twitter, racking up retweets and comments that surpassed any number ever recorded in history. In fact, the picture generated more conversations around the world than the event itself. According to industry experts, this image will ultimately earn Samsung a whopping $1 billion, calculated in terms of the renewed interest the brand generates.

Event planners can borrow a leaf from this story by turning live event selfies into marketing and planning gold, especially for themed events.

The continued interest in visualization and event management applications

Information technology companies are coming to the rescue of event planners by way of applications that track and analyze instant chatter on Facebook and twitter. Their interfaces have hour-by-the-hour heat maps that show what attendees are saying, what their general mood is and what direction the event is taking form a planning perspective.

Trends in Corporate Entertainment
Planners are now pushing technology past boundaries we have never seen before. This is all in a bid to make events the highlight of a particular month or even year. Last year, corporate functions were graced by ground-breaking entertainment ideas such as light painting, digital musicians and the mapping of 3D video projections. We are going into a phase that promises even more.

· The continuation of 3D video projection mapping strategies

Last year, these strategies were used for car reveals and product launches. In the coming days,they are going to cut across and find use in mannequins ,cakes, boats and a whole range of other inanimate and geometrical surfaces.

· iPad dance shows

These are becoming a unique concept to grab the attention of the audience with, especially when it comes to product launches and demos. See an example YouTube video here

· Flying musicians

To throw in the ‘wow’ element to an event, planners are snapping up this idea fast. It involves effects that showcase musicians soaring into the air in the frenzy of performance. There are options as to what kind of music can be played, whether an act is going to be solo or whether a full-fledged band is going to get involved.

· Hologram water displays

In the autumn, Ralph Lauren projected holograms on to water screens in the launch of its spring collection. While this form of corporate entertainment is expensive, the effect is stunning and worth every bottom dollar.

Social media and entertainment are the two core facets of corporate event planning and execution in 2015. Aided by use of flashy, ground-breaking technologies, these two are redefining the concept of corporate meet-ups.

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