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Turning Your Event Concepts Into Corporate Event Reality

Corporate Event

Getting a plan together for your corporate event is an important first step, but it’s a long way from that plan to an actual event that has been organized and facilitated. To get from the blueprint stage to the finished product stage, there are a few steps to take, including these:

Set up a committee:

If the event isn’t an exceptionally large one, you may have one employee who wants to assume responsibility for the entire event. However, the sheer magnitude of the undertaking may not be apparent at first. Having a committee will ensure that each aspect of the event is being taken care of and that nothing is forgotten.

Have concrete deadlines for accomplishing each of the main event goals:

Interviewing with caterers and venue managers should have deadlines as well as studying the various types of event entertainment available. Getting a venue booked, a caterer under contract and a final entertainment decision are also important milestones that should happen by a specific date.

Have regular meetings to discuss any problems that have come up:

This will save everyone from trying to contact various members of the group and not getting timely answers to questions. It will also save the head of the committee from having to continually ask if things are getting done and whether there are any problems. Meeting one to two times a month up until the month before the event should be enough to head off any major problems before they get too big to handle.

Ensure that everyone knows the date of the even as soon as it’s finalized:

Send out a memo to allow everyone to save the date. When the date gets near, make sure that everyone knows where it is. Arrange transportation if it’s needed. A seemingly perfect corporate event will fall flat if the attendance is poor due to miscommunication or travel problems.

Check up on vendors periodically:

Confirming a reservation or speaking to the caterers before the event can ensure that there won’t be any unwelcome surprises at your corporate event. Renovations or a company changing hands could become problems for your event. Checking up on vendors will give you enough time to make other arrangements if needed.

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