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Using Social Media To Enhance Your Next Corporate Event

Social media marketing has completely changed the way that people interact online – and it can have some very optimistic results when it comes to marketing your next corporate event.

Not only does having a Twitter and Facebook presence for your event help boost your attendance rates, but social media usage can help make your event more interactive and exciting for your attendees!

What Results Can You Expect With The Use Of Social Media?

Some of the results you can expect from social media are increased brand awareness, event attendance and sales as a direct result from your social media campaigns. You can also expect a larger press and media coverage for your event. Social media offers a chance to gain insight as to which elements of your event were most successful. As well as constructive criticism affiliated with your event once it has happened, and even as it happens.

Social Media and Event Registration

Event marketing is no longer made up of direct mail invitations, phone calls and hoping for the best. Word of mouth marketing has a whole new meaning thanks to social media. Event planners can use their social networks to invite contacts and other industry influencers to boost attendance rates. With just a few clicks and announcements, your event can be exposed to dozens or even hundreds of potential attendees that would have never heard of your event otherwise.


Social media helps increase exposure and can have a concrete impact on event attendance. Having real time conversations and exposure to your audience before the event can set the stage for increased attendance. By seeing the buzz on social media, your attendees’ expectations will be up and they’ll go out of their way to attend. Programs like Constant Contact, can help not only build your attendance and registrations by email, but also integrate social at every turn!

Audience Engagement Through Social Media

Before Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn became essential event planning tools, events were pretty much a one way street. Attendees arrived, listened to speakers, watched the corporate event entertainment and then left. If an event planner was really on the ball, they might issue a post-event survey to find out what attendees thought.

Enter social media. Now the game is entirely different. Attendees can not only talk about the event in advance but they can participate live with the event on social media. Using a common hashtag, attendees can discuss the event in real time, connect with one another and make the event more engaging and personalized. Since many event attendees are connected with other members of the industry on social media, your event is being exposed to hundreds of other potential attendees that will make sure to come the next year or keep you in mind for future bookings.

Register an official hashtag for your event and let attendees know they can Tweet with the tag to stay connected, and see other attendees feedback INSTANTLY! Have a few members on staff live blogging the event using the hashtag. If it’s a multi-day event, you can post pictures, feedback and other goodies on your company Facebook page to get attendees interacting with your Event. All of these strategies can enhance your corporate event for attendees and for future advertisers and clients.

Gamification is also a VERY popular trend that can be used in Corporate Events to not only increase attendance, but also increase engagement through games and contests through social sites like foursquare, or even your own Facebook App.


Post-Event Social Media Benefits

One of the most important uses of social media for your corporate event is feedback. Make it a point to review hashtag conversations after the event and see what people were saying. Create a poll on Facebook to get input from attendees. Look for trends in the social media comments and feedback. If you have great reviews on your corporate event entertainment, but the food left a lot to be desired, you know how to change your event the next time around.

With social media engagement, you can have a great corporate event that makes attendees feel welcome, involved and ready to attend next time.  Participating in social media marketing for your event will only enhance your event and your business relations with clients and their guests.

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